We want everyone to have a good time when they come to Ashmore Estates but most importantly we want all to be safe.

Recently we have had situations were people thought it was a good idea to come to the building partially intoxicated or drinking while they were on the grounds.  We will not accept this type of behavior as it is not safe for anyone during the event.  

Ashmore Estates is an alcohol free location,  
Anyone found drinking or bringing alcohol onto the property will cause their entire group to leave with no refunds.  
Enjoy your visit at Ashmore but keep it sober and safe

2020 Event dates are being set for tour groups

For more information on any event please click on the flyer to go direct to their website. 
We do not have much if any information on these dates as you will need to contact them directly. 
We do not sell tickets to these events.

Know someone coming to one of the events at Ashmore Estates this year?  Let them know you'd like them to pick you up a souvenir from the items we have to offer.  Check out our online store where most of the items we offer at the building can also be purchased online.  If you want it in a hurry order it online and we will ship it directly to your address.  We try to keep prices low so everyone can enjoy something from Ashmore Estates.  Visit our online store by clicking on the photo to the right.  

Ghost Hunts USA - September 25th & 26th

TN Wraith Chasers - October 10

Book signing & Investigation with David Kiefer

Ghost Hunts USA - October 30th & 31st

Nick Groff Tour - November 7th

Revanant Con - May 7-9, 2021

The events listed on this page are outside parties that are hosting an event at Ashmore Estates.  For further information for each of these events you will have to contact each of the promoters.  Ashmore Estates has no affiliation with any of these other than opening the door.  We know you will enjoy yourself at their events but we can not assist you with ticket sales or questions.  Contact each of these personally by clicking on the picture. 
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