Evidence from Ashmore Estates

If you have items you would like to share with others about your experiences at Ashmore Estates please send them to us at info@ashmoreestates.net   We reserve the right to use and or all that are sent and you or your team will be given credit for what is sent.  Just FYI we know there is a lot of dust and water vapor inside of AE so we will probably not be posting photos of the orbs that are captured unless there is something significant with it. 

Video footage from our own cameras

This one came about on Friday the 8th.  There were three of us in the building and you will notice David comes in the back door.  Right before he comes in there is what seems to be a voice coming across the camera.
This video footage was caught on one of our cameras.  David was the only one in the building and it seems you can hear a couple of voices as you go through the video clip.  We did not see anything in the actual video but the audio is very interesting.   The actual video/audio file is much better but you can still hear some additional voices in this clip.  Perhaps if this wasn't a MP4 file it would be clearer.

Nick Groff Tour - Evidence Video 4/2016

The tour group had a lot of personal experiences as well as evidence captured on video and audio.  Check out this great video of the tour group and some of the evidence they captured.  Nick Groff Video by Jeff Waldridge.  For more information about future locations be sure to check out their website at www.nickgrofftour.com

More evidence from Nick Groff Tour on 5/19/2018

Capital Area Paranormal Society - Springfield, IL

Our friends at Capital Area Paranormal Society investigated Ashmore in June of 2014.  They had quite an eventful evening.  Check out their website to here and see the great evidence they captured while investigating Ashmore Estate

Thank you Dave & Vicki for allowing me to share your evening with others.

Daughter and a Dad Paranormal Jamey & Jerica Jenkins - Georgia

The father and daughter team sent me this.  I hear something right off the back and thought it said "liar".  Then at 53 seconds listen to see if you hear "why don't you be quiet".  Think the spirits were talking to David?

 St. Croix Paranormal - Stillwater, MN

TITS - From parts unknown

This video was taken by Richard Rose while the group of friends were investigating.  DO NOT CLICK ON THIS IF LANGAUAGE OFFENDS YOU. 

Photos from Paranormal Free Agents - Taken by Matt Bryan (August 2016)

Did they possibly catch the presence of a young spirit in the building as it moves across the area.  We have seen photos similar to this taken by someone else last year as well in the room adjacent to the area that this was captured.  

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