22645 E Co Rd 1050 N, Ashmore, IL 61912

We want everyone to have a good time when they come to Ashmore Estates but most importantly we want all to be safe.  Recently we have had situations were people thought it was a good idea to come to the building partially intoxicated or drinking while they were on the grounds.  We will not accept this type of behavior as it is not safe for anyone during the event.  

Ashmore Estates is an alcohol free location,  
Anyone found drinking or bringing alcohol onto the property will cause their entire group to leave with no refunds.  Enjoy your visit at Ashmore but keep it sober and safe.  

Ashbash 2019

Ghost Brothers Investigation during AshBash

Our 101 Investigations - Better than ever in 2019

This year during our 101 class and investigations not only do you get to work with some of the best groups in the area, use their equipment, investigate a cool place but we have added PIZZA as well as there are two of the bunk houses available for $50 each.  Click on the months below to get your tickets now as these normally sell out during the year.



Kid's Day October 5th

Click on the flyer below to purchase tickets for either of these events


Ashbash returns and this year we will be featuring Christopher & Rachel Booth and their new Haunted Bazar as well as the Ghost Brothers.  Also attending will be KD Stafford the mad scientist from Ghosts of Morgan City.  We will have a lot of other vendors in attendance so be sure to come in and check out this free event to the public.

Public Investigations & Tours

WE ARE BOOKING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AND TOURS. You may contact us here or at our phone of 217-899-9978 or email us at info@ashmoreestates.net. We have electrical set up on each floor and a team room where heat has been included.  We are working on making this the best paranormal investigation experience that it can be.  The building is owned by a paranormal investigator and he has the help of many other investigators.  We are taking the ideas of many and turning this location into a great investigative experience.  There is a new roof on the building and all windows have been replaced or the openings have been completely enclosed.  There is now sunlight inside Ashmore Estates, something that hasn't been for over 14 years.  We have some great plans for the building and as anyone that has been to the building since we purchased it May 3, 2014 will let you know it has improved. Thank you for your patience with us and we hope the building will bring as much joy to you as it has to us while working on it.

Overnight Investigations

We also offer public overnight investigations and tours.  You will want to watch our Facebook pages or the website calendar for these.  The Public investigations are generally held on a Friday night and go from 7pm-3am.  We charge $50 for these and only sell 12 tickets.  We want you to have the best experience possible so we keep the numbers low to hopefully provide this. 

The Tours are held in October as that seems to be the time when most want to get their "scare" on.  We do offer privates year round though.  Check out our Facebook pages or website calendar for these as we will try to offer these more in 2017 so people can see the building that we have grown to love and am sure you will as well.

We have had numerous teams investigate Ashmore Estates since we purchased it in May of 2014.  If you have not been to Ashmore I think you will enjoy your experience there.  Vast improvements have been done to the building to allow easier investigations.  We are continuing to improve the location that has now been dedicated only to the history tours and paranormal investigations.  In 2016 we built a room inside to reflect a bedroom and living room area.  We repaired the top edge of the building that has was damage by the tornado in 2012.  We also want to restore a hospital room on the third floor in 2017 to give it more of a historical feel.  The private overnight investigations are $500 for up to 12 people from 7pm-10am.  This includes the use of out bunk houses, 1 for every 4 members in your group.  All three have 4 beds, electrical, TV & DVD player, heat, and AC.  The large one also has a pull out couch, recliner, table and chairs and Netflix.  There is a fire pit available as well and firewood may be available but not guaranteed, you can always bring your own or call in advance to check on it.  Gas and charcoal grill are available as is the stove, refrigerator, microwave, pizza oven and coffee pot.  There are 3 functioning bathrooms, weather permitting, 2 inside, and 1 outside for those tent camping.  There is a shower also available as well.  At this time we do not have maid service but who knows in the future. :)

Daytime investigations

Are you just a little scared to investigate at night but soooo want to get in and do something.  Why not come and investigate during the day.  We have had teams come and do this and had wonderful experiences.  We've had many individuals during the day while working in the building experience hearing disembodied voices and seeing images.  Most believe that spirits are in the afterlife as they were when living so why wouldn't they be roaming the halls of the Poor farm or mental care facility.  We know you will have a good time while investigating during the daytime.  We will be offering public daytime events as well.  Email us today to secure a date to bring your team, friends, or family to investigate Ashmore Estates during the day.  info@hauntedashmoreestates.net 

Historic Tour of Ashmore Estates

Public Tours are two hours and will be posted as soon as dates are decided.  If you would like to set up a private tour this can be done for you and your group.  For ticket information click on the date of your choice.

Pricing for Investigations and Tours

The following pricing applies to events we offer at Ashmore Estates.  If you are interested in booking an event with us go to the Contact Us form.

  • Overnight private investigation is $500 7pm-10am for 1-12 people, this includes one of the
         bunkhouses for every 4 people in your group.  If you have 1-4 you get 1 free, 5-8, 2 free
         9-12 all 3 are free.  If you want separate bunkhouses there is an additional charge of $50 for each
         bunk house..  
  • Overnight public investigations are $50 per person, maximum of 12 and time of 7pm-3am
  • If you want to host an event at AE contact us about pricing
  • Daytime private investigation is $300 for up to 9 hours & 1-12 people, time is 9am-6pm
  • Private Tours are $15 per person, $100 minimum charge
  • Public tours are $15 per person with a maximum of 20 maximum.
  • Building can be used for private photo shoots & films as well, rates determined accordingly
  • Private bookings may reschedule 1 time if contacted prior to 4 weeks of scheduled date
  • Deposit for private investigations is $200, private tours is $100 - all non-refundable. 
  • Public events by third parties can be scheduled as well.  The cost is $600 for the event and it is 
         based on time of 7pm-3am.  This will include the small bunk house.  Extended times and the
         additional use of the other bunk houses is available at an additional cost.  

Investigations for 2019 available for booking

For open dates please check out our calendar.

AE Bunk Houses available for all investigations and events

The two small bunk houses were built in the winter of 2015 and are 12x16.  The large bunk house was built in July of 216 and is 20x20.  The small ones rent for $50 and the large one $100 per night.  These are included in your private investigation.  Checkout is 10:00am, unless extenuating circumstances prevail.  All bunks are equipped with 4 beds, AC, heat, ceiling fans, electrical, TVs, DVD players, and chairs.  In addition the large unit has a pull out couch, recliner, stuffed chair and a table and chairs.  We will have various DVDs available for your use in the event you have that someone with you that likes to visit locations but just does not want to run around in a dark building and investigate.  Linen for the beds are not furnished, you will need a sleeping bag, blankets, and/or pillows.  There is a fire pit by the bunk houses firewood may be available at times but can not guarantee it.

Tuesday, Sep 17 All Day
Friday, Sep 20 All Day
Saturday, Sep 21 All Day
Wednesday, Sep 25 at 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
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