Photos of Ashmore Estates prior, during and after our renovation

If you have photos of your team while investigating at Ashmore Estates please feel free to email those to us at and we will add to our website. 

Historical photos of Ashmore Estates - thank you for sharing Michele Watson-Baker & Julie Velazquez

Ashmore Estates May 2, 2014

Ashmore Estates November 2014

Ashmore Estates January 2016

Ashmore Estates Sept-Oct 2020

Photos taken during photo shoots at Ashmore Estates

These photos were taken by Chelsea Gerber at Ashmore Estates on 7/15/17 during our daytime investigation.  These were posed photos with her model and are no way to be construed to be paranormal.  

We offer photographer photo shoots at times and are willing to set up private times for photographers as time allows.  If you want more information on how you can come to Ashmore Estates to shoot photos of your favorite model or just the interior of the building contact us at your leisure.  

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